Our Story

In 2016, True Up Companies emerged as a collaborative venture founded by Lisa and Scott Meldrum. The inception of the company was a fusion of Lisa's corporate expertise and Scott's extensive 20+ years in the construction industry. Recognizing the complementary nature of their skill sets, the couple embarked on a journey to create a business that would not only thrive but also embody their values. As passionate advocates of family-centric business, the Meldrums made a pivotal decision when their two sons, Jacob and Braeden, chose to leave college and join True Up in its early stages. This family-centric approach fostered a unique and cohesive work environment, setting the stage for True Up's success. True Up's ascent to its current stature is a testament to its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and employee well-being. The Meldrums instilled a culture of putting the customer first, ensuring that every project undertaken by True Up reflects a deep understanding of client needs and a dedication to quality. Simultaneously, they prioritized creating a positive workplace atmosphere, recognizing that a happy and motivated team is key to sustained success. Jacob and Braeden, having learned the ropes of the business from the ground up, played instrumental roles in the company's growth, embodying the family's dedication to both professional excellence and harmonious relationships within the True Up family. True Up Companies stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, family values, and a steadfast commitment to excellence in both service and relationships.