Inventory Management


Inventory Management

Experience a new level of precision and efficiency in inventory management with our comprehensive suite of services. We are dedicated to optimizing your inventory processes for maximum productivity and peace of mind.

What is an Inventory Management System?

Spreadsheets, hand-counted stock and manual order placement have largely been replaced by advanced inventory tracking systems and software. An inventory management system can simplify the process of ordering, storing and moving inventory by automating end-to-end production, management, demand forecasting and accounting.

Inventory can be a company’s most important asset. Inventory management is where all the elements of the supply chain converge. Too little inventory when and where it's needed can create unhappy customers. But a large inventory has its own liabilities, the cost to store and insure it, the risk of spoilage, theft and damage. Companies with complex supply chains and manufacturing processes must find the right balance between having too much inventory on hand or not enough.

Deciding on what system will work best for your operation or revamping your current inventory method system has implications on a company's financial statements as this decision impacts the value of inventory, cost of goods sold, and net profit.

TUC is very experienced with inventory management and logistics. We can help you set-up the most efficient system for your processing. Whether it is a small mostly employee based operation or a very large, fully automated system with robotics and RFID.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Certified Forklift Operators: Trust in the expertise of our certified forklift operators to navigate your inventory with skill and precision, ensuring the safe and efficient movement of materials.
  • Receive, Process, and Record Materials: Experience a streamlined approach to inventory handling as we meticulously receive, process, and record materials, providing real-time visibility into your stock.
  • Grid Storage Utilization in Designated Laydown Space: Optimize your storage space with our grid storage utilization strategy. We designate laydown spaces strategically, ensuring efficient organization and accessibility of your inventory.
  • Asset Transfer, Deployment, on Shipping: From asset transfers to deployment and shipping, our services cover the entire lifecycle of your inventory. Experience a seamless flow of materials within and beyond your facilities.
  • Weekly Reporting: Stay informed with our detailed weekly reporting. Gain insights into your inventory movements, trends, and key metrics, empowering you to make informed decisions.
  • Vendor Coordination: Efficiently manage your supply chain with our vendor coordination services. We liaise with vendors to ensure a smooth flow of materials, minimizing disruptions in your inventory.
  • OSHA Certified: Rest easy knowing that our operations comply with the highest safety standards. Our team is OSHA certified, prioritizing the safety of both our staff and your inventory.