Material Handling and Logistics Support


Material Handling and Logistics

Material Handling & Logistics Support, where efficiency and reliability converge to optimize your supply chain. Explore our comprehensive services tailored to meet your material handling and logistics needs.

Warehouse Logistics is any handling equipment or machine used in manufacturing, transporting, controlling, distributing or storing of products. Whether you're looking to Invest in manual or fully automated warehouse systems, TUC can help expertly design, layout, implement and install your manufacturing, distribution, or material handling equipment and systems to best fit your operations. Our experience with warehouse atomization, conveyance systems, robotics, AGV's (automatic guided vehicles), AMR's (autonomous mobile robots), product ID and routing systems, allows us to provide and implement everything you would need to be fast, efficient, and cost effective.

Our offerings include:

  • Offsite Construction Material Handling: Streamline your construction material logistics with our offsite handling solutions, ensuring timely and efficient delivery to your project sites.
  • Offsite Receiving and Storage: Experience secure and organized offsite receiving and storage services, facilitating a smooth transition from arrival to storage for your materials.
  • Full Truck Load: Maximize transportation efficiency with our full truck load services, providing dedicated transport for larger shipments to meet your volume requirements.
  • LTL: Optimize cost and flexibility with our LTL services, ideal for smaller shipments where you pay only for the space your materials occupy.
  • Sprinters: Experience swift and agile transportation with our Sprinters, catering to smaller loads with quick and efficient delivery solutions.
  • Box Trucks: Facilitate versatile and secure transportation with our box trucks, offering ample space and protection for various types of materials.
  • Hot Shots: Meet urgent delivery requirements with our Hot Shots service, providing expedited and dedicated transportation solutions for time-sensitive materials.