Guardrail and Safety Barriers


Guardrail and Safety Barriers

Welcome to our Guardrail and Safety Barriers website, where safety meets innovation in protective solutions.

Physical barriers are critical for a safe and efficient facility. To provide workplace safety, TUC can design, provide and install a multitude of barriers and protection components shielding workers, equipment, shelving, columns, walls, work stations and much more. We can help you by customizing any safety and protection your facility and operation may need. In addition, we also provide in-house custom signage, floor decals, floor tapes, and safety paints. Click here for In-House Signage, 5S, Floor Tape and Paint Installs.

Explore our diverse range of products designed to safeguard your spaces:

  • Steel Guarding: Discover the strength and durability of our steel guarding solutions, providing robust protection in high-impact areas to ensure the safety of both people and assets.
  • Plastic Guarding: Innovative and versatile, our plastic guarding solutions offer impact resistance with a lightweight design, providing effective protection while maintaining a modern aesthetic.
  • Bollards: Define and protect specific areas with our bollard options. Our range includes sturdy barriers that enhance safety and security in various environments.
  • PIT Parking Bumpers: Ensure parking safety with our PIT parking bumpers. Designed to absorb impact and prevent damage, these bumpers are a reliable solution for parking areas.
  • Racking Guarding: Optimize warehouse safety with our racking guarding solutions. Protect your inventory and infrastructure from potential collisions and impacts.
  • Fork Guarding: Safeguard your equipment with our fork guarding solutions, designed to prevent damage and enhance the longevity of your valuable machinery.
  • Column Protectors: Protect structural integrity with our column protectors. These barriers offer a reliable shield against potential impacts, ensuring the longevity of your building's support structures.